Empowering Aboriginal Men Through

personal and professional development

Moorditj Maaman (strong men) casually employs Aboriginal dads, uncles and grandfathers, to undertake, garden clean-ups, general repairs and maintenance of our transitional housing. They focus on providing high quality and practical solutions to transform each property and provide essential gardening maintenance at our service locations, Coolabaroo Neighbourhood Centre and Coolabaroo Housing Service.

We empower men who are looking at returning to work or starting work for the first time. We do this by helping them in personal and professional development in the work place, enabling them to reach their full potential in a supportive and culturally sensitive environment.

We are committed to maximising the unique skills and qualities of the men who work for us. We do this by offering continued mentoring and training in all aspects of the role. This platform provides the opportunity to return to the work place or to start a new career when they are ready to do so.